Stand Alone Multi-Tasker Brush

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The Stand Alone is a multi-purpose brush from powder to blush to touch-ups. The ultra-soft bristles evenly distribute powdered makeup for a natural, light and smooth finish. The elegantly balanced hand-turned black walnut handle makes this brush comfortable to hold and use. It's modest size can fit neatly in a purse or bag, but it also has the added feature of being able to stand on its own. Finally, a brush that feels good on your face and looks great on your counter. 
Care: Clean the synthetic bristles as you would any other makeup brush, but take care not to wash the wood unless absolutely necessary. Washing the wood will strip the oils and leave the wood dull. 
Height: 6.5"
Bristle type: Synthetic
Handle: Black Walnut
Finish: Natural - Walnut Oil and Beeswax 
Uses: Blush and Powder