Jaguar Tooth Necklace

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The Jaguar (Panthera Onca) has long been regarded as the most powerful of all the animals in the American jungles. It is the third largest cat in the world and one of the few that hunts equally well in the daytime, at night, in trees, and in the water. Its large saber like teeth can slice through reptile armor and penetrate the skulls of its prey. Jaguar adornments were used by many pre-Columbian cultures to represent rulers and warriors. They signified a link between spirits and the underworld which parallels the animals ability to hunt so well in many different environments. The ruling class would often use jaguar themes to protect their household. 

This item contains one handcrafted porcelain jaguar tooth hung on a buttery smooth deer leather cord with copper fittings. It was modeled after an actual Brazilian jaguar tooth and is a truly unique and powerful adornment. Since this item is handmade, each one is unique.