Deluxe Toast Tongs

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Nobody likes burnt toast or burnt fingers. Our deluxe toast tongs will help you take the danger out of toast removal by removing your toast while it's still piping hot for extra butter melting goodness. Unlike other toast tongs ours are made with a single piece of hardwood, which takes advantage of the wood's natural spring. We cut our wood with the grain to maximize strength and eliminate the need for glue or fasteners.They are polished only with food safe finish for a natural soft feel. 

Wood: As we manufacture our products we inevitably have leftover scraps of wood. When possible we like to use our scraps to make more products. These tongs are one such product, made from assorted high quality hardwoods leftover from our production processes. You will be able to choose form either light or dark hardwood, but due to our process the actual type of wood is dependent on the stock at hand.