Corzetti Stamp

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Corzetti pasta and stamps originate from the coastal region of Northwest Italy, called Liguria. Made by a small handheld wooden cutting and stamping tool, the pasta is a flattened coin-shape with designs on either side to keep sauce. Baring the family arms, the pasta was often served at weddings or to aristocracy. Today, Corzetti stamps are a rare and special find. Luckily for you, we've created a line of exceptional Corzetti stamps so anyone can enjoy a delicious traditional Ligurian meal made right at home. All of our stamps are turned and carved by hand out of hard wood. Recipes for pasta and meals included with every purchase of a pasta stamp. Currently we carry only Walnut Corzetti stamps in the design shown but more designs and wood options are in production. Please inquire about custom stamp designs and other wood types. Instructions for Use and Care Handwash with soapy, warm water. To keep the wood smooth and fresh, rub a small amount of olive oil (or any food safe oil) into the wood after every cleaning.